Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Bleeding House

Meet the Smiths - parents, Marilyn and Matt, and teens, Gloria, 16, and Quentin, 18 - a family full of secrets who keep themselves to themselves living on a back road outside a small Midwestern town. In this tightly wound and visceral horror/thriller, their lives are turned upside down when a sweet-talking Texan arrives on their doorstep on a mission for retribution. Will he succeed in his goal to bleed them of their sins or will the family's haunted past prove to be even more deadly than he bargained for?

The Beaver

A man walks around with a beaver puppet on his hand, treating it as something close to a human creature with human feelings.

Sympathy for Delicious

A paralyzed DJ, "Delicious" Dean O'Dwyer, struggling to survive in his wheelchair on the streets of Los Angeles, turns to faith-healing and mysteriously acquires the ability to cure the sick -- although not himself. A Jesuit priest tries to help him come to terms with the limits of his gift, while a rock singer in a band tries to exploit the suddenly famous healer.

Secret Sunshine

A mother moves with her son to the birthplace of dead husband. As she tries establish a new beginning, another tragedy overturns her life.

Road to Nowhere

A noirish tale of a young filmmaker who becomes enmeshed in a criminal scheme while making a movie on location.

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Morgan Spurlock examines the world of advertising by making a film financed entirely by product placement.


In 1970s Glasgow, a bright boy named John sees very few options in his life. With no one willing to give him a chance, he descends into a life of crime.